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Cultivate faithfulness


Reach out and get connected

Our emphasis is building up the local church toward multiplication. This means apprentices must be part of a local church, studying is done in conjunction with their local church, and graduates are approved and subsequently sent out by their local church, to reproduce it rather than themselves.

If you are a local church pastor or elder, we would love to set up a meeting to explore the possibility of a partnership. If there is a likemindedness, and you have a desire to train up leaders for church planting, we'd love to explore things with you further.



Application form

The Church needs leaders who know the Word and have hands-on experience applying it.


At ATI this happens in conjunction with your local church rather than removed from it for an extended period.

If you are an individual looking to plant a church in Europe, we'd love to get connected with you. We'll ask you about your local church and ultimately seek to get acquainted with your pastor/elder to explore the possibility of establishing a partnership.


  • Are grants available?
    At present, ATI is not offering tuition grants. Most apprentices continue to work while studying and therefore earn an income to help offset their cost of living. However, in conjunction with our Business in Mission, apprentices can receive opportunities to work should they need.
  • How long is the course?
    Although this varies for each apprentice because our aim is competency and not course completion, it is usually a 2 year commitment. Some subjects are also offered as a modular study.
  • Can you help me find accommodation?
    The apprenticeship program is designed to not remove you from your existing church and context, so relocating to Cologne is not necessary and discouraged. In the event that you're moving to Europe for the purpose of church planting and will be joining a local church during your studies, we will help you in this process.
  • How do I enroll?
    Applications are made online and include video calls with applicants and their sending church leaders. This starts here. If you would like to know more, please contact us:
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