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Breaking new ground

What makes the Aquila Theological Institute so unique?

What makes the Aquila Theological Institute so unique?


The big picture

The Aquila Theological Institute offers theological training coupled with apprenticeship in a local church and Business in Mission (BIM) to give potential church planters relevant training and in the field experience, so that they are thoroughly equipped for the work ahead.

Our emphasis is building up the local church toward multiplication. This means apprentices must be part of a local church, studying is done in conjunction with their local church, and graduates are approved and subsequently sent out by their local church, to reproduce it rather than themselves.

A unique aspect of our Apprenticeship model is the Business in Mission training. We desire to equip people with the theological and business skills necessary to go into a new city and start up a mission-minded business. This business will serve to financially support the church planters, quickly build relationships in the community and be used as a platform to share the gospel and plant the church. 




Each apprentice is discipled

through their training by 3 mentors.


The goal is demonstrated competency in the context of ministry, so the pace and material is adapted to the needs of the apprentice.

Business in Mission

Apprentices are also trained in the context of a local business to equip them for faithful stewardship and sustainable church planting.


Being part of something more

ATI is part of a larger picture. The larger organisation is called Aquila Initiative.


Aquila Initiative seeks to establish a network of like-minded churches who partner together to engage in church multiplication by apprenticing leaders who will establish Christian community through marketplace missions.

To fulfil this greater vision, Aquila Initiative established Aquila Theological Institute to help churches train up leaders for church planting.


Click the link below to learn more about the Initiative.



The centrality of mentoring

Apprenticeship in the context of local church ministry means that mentors are foundational. That's why each of our apprentice gets three. The first mentor is their Ministry Mentor, who is their local church pastor/elder. The second mentor is an Academic Mentor who helps ensure the academic rigour and personal adaptation of the curriculum. Finally, a Network Mentor is strategically selected from the larger Aquila network to help the apprentice achieve their specific calling and vision for ministry.

portrait 3.png
Academic Mentor

Subject matter expert

portrait 2.png
Network Mentor

Expert in
business/counselling/church planting

portrait 1.png
Ministry Mentor

Your pastor/elder

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